« What is a dichroic mirror?»

Published on 14-08-2022

A dichroic mirror is a mirror that reflects specific wavelengths and transmits other wavelengths. A prism that uses this technology is called a dichroic prism. Philips prism efficiently separates RGB by combining a dichroic coating that reflects specific wavelengths and has a total reflection surface.

As can be seen from the figure, only the blue light is reflected by the first reflecting surface of the light incident on the prism. The reflected blue light is totally reflected by the next surface and reaches the image sensor. The second surface reflects only red light, leaving the remaining light in green. The reflected red colour is totally reflected by the next surface and reaches the image sensor. In this way, Philips prism successfully utilizes reflection of specific wavelengths by dichroic coating and total internal reflection.

 [Philips refers to the company Philips, which patented this type of prism.]

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