Product line-up

Models B versus Models C 

We have 2 models per prism camera module:

Model B is:

A sensor block with bonded sensors including (your) sensor board. It is designed for use in embedded or edge solutions where your interface can be adapted.  

Model B adjusted.jpg

Model C is:

A MIPI camera designed for prototyping, included with SDK which interfaces the video stream to popular GPU's
Size only 43 x 43 x 43 mm

PureSpectra Model  C -a.jpg

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Model B interface is defined by the sensor board, which is the in fact the sensor of the sensor supplier.

For model C this is different, We have chosen to interface to the embedded hardware of NVIDIA : Jetson Nano. (see our webshop for more details) The NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit - B01 with MIPI interface and our driver helps you to connect the camera module.

The electrical features are in the below table. Although they are for model 2, other models will have similarity. Check the product data sheets for all the details.

PS Model 2 - Electrical features table.JPG

Mechanical features are mentioned below.

 PS All models - mechanical features.JPG

For more information about our products, Click here for Model C