Improving dynamic range

To improve the dynamic range of X-ray pictures, one option is to use a two-sensor camera. Dual camera approach. This system improve the dynamic range is by using photometric calibration and image stitching. This technique involves taking multiple images with different exposure times and then combining them into a single image using specialized software. This results in an image with an extended dynamic range.

In addition, full well capacity improvement can also help improve the dynamic range of X-ray pictures 3. Full well capacity refers to the maximum number of electrons that a pixel can hold before it becomes saturated. By increasing the full well capacity, the camera can capture more electrons and therefore a wider range of exposure values, resulting in an image with an extended dynamic range 3.

But if the object is moving?

If the object is moving, the prism solution can help as the two images are taken simultaneously and co-sited, resulting in a perfect image where the pixels.

MODEL_4_Bayer RGB 2-Area sensor camera.png