Model 4 - Dual Sensor System RGB HDR

Our “Models C and B” prism-based benefit the use of spectroscopic bands in one optical sight directed to separate image sensors. The camera features the most state-of-the-art CMOS smart sensors, providing high sensitivity for demanding imaging. The pixel fusion technology provides accurate raw image data of each real world pixel of your image.

The 2-sensor camera is equipped with 2448 x 1898 pixels in the visual range of the spectrum, combined with a second 2448 x 1898 RGB image sensor. The camera module covers the spectrum 380 – 700 nm.

The high dynamic range can be obtained at the same time. As the shutter can be controlled of both sensors.


This is the combined image, in this case substracted to show all details in 8 bits.


Above, is the image taken with a short shutter time.


Finally, the image with the longest shutter time to enhance the dark part of the image. This HDR is built by pixel fusion meaning, there is no timely difference between the images. Below, optical features of model 1 can be viewed:

 PS Model 4 - Optical features table.JPG

On the right side, you can download the datasheet. Please inform us if you need more information.

Our MIPI interface and driver allows you to interface the camera module to popular processors.

All our cameras are designed to connect to popular mini computers. Easily connect to edge computers, mini computers and embedded computers. The camera matches specifications for the most popular edge computers' family's.