« PureSpectra Announces the B5 model»

Published on 03-03-2023

PureSpectra product management announces the availability now for the B5 model.

The B5 model is available as sample model today.

Model B5 high lights :

§   B5 : Wideband spectroscopy imaging - [380nm ͠͠   1680nm]

§   Today hyper spectral camera with grating are using either VIS spectrum or NIR spectrum or SWIR spectrum.

§   How ideal can it be when this is built in one sensor?

§   The B5 model can be used as the heart of your hyper spectrum camera, bringing you the best of different world. The dual sensor will allow your hyper spectrum system seeing the whole range.

§   The camera can utilize 380 – 1680 nm using 2 sensors.

§   R, G and B are generated by a high res 5 MP Bayer sensor which matches at pixel level (1 µm) a high resolution SWIR sensor scanning the spectrum until 1680nm.

§   The Interface of the camera is the sensor directly, which allows camera manufacturer to integrate seamless.


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